General information about staying at Suurniemi

  1. The number of people using the destination must not exceed the number of sleeping places stated in the description or the number agreed on during booking. If you are planning to have a party, where the maximum number of guests is temporarily exceeded, you should agree about that in advance with the owner.
  2. Minimum stay during low season is two nights.
  3. Weekend rent is from Friday to Sunday. No check-ins or check-outs on Saturdays.
  4. During high-season shortest renting period is 7 nights. Cottages got their own check-in/out days:
    • Karkalin Kaiku - Friday
    • Männikkö and Hietikko - Monday
  5. The booking is confirmed once the customer has paid the deposit (20% of the destination rent) by the due date or once the customer has paid both the deposit and the final instalment together. The final instalment must be paid no later than four (4) weeks prior to the start of the holiday.
  6. The rent pays for the right to use the destination during the booked period. Normal energy consumption, furnishings, cooking and eating utensils, mattresses, blankets and pillows are included in the rent. 
  7. All our cottages got wood-heated sauna. Free use of a rowing boat and gass bbq is only included in summertime rentals.
  8. The keys to the destination will be handed over to the client at the time of arrival as estimated and notified to the owner at our farm.
  9. The destination will be at the client’s disposal from 4 pm on the day of arrival to 12 noon on the day of departure.
  10. Sheets and towels are not included in the rent unless otherwise stated in the destination description. Guests must use bed linen. Sheets and towels can be ordered for a separate fee in conjunction with the booking.
  11. Clients are responsible for cleaning the destination before departure. A departure cleaning service can be ordered in conjunction with booking.
  12. Männikkö and Hietikko don't have running water. During summer season there is an electric pump from lake for sauna water. You'll get drinking water from our farm house.
  13. If you smoke do it outside. There is a ashtray at the terrace.
  14. No open fire!
  15. Please take shoes off inside the house.

Jos lomalle lähtee myös lemmikki

Karkalin Kaiku ja Männikkö sopivat myös lemmikkien kanssa lomailuun (max. 2 eläintä). Pidäthän kuitenkin huolen, etteivät lemmikit oleile sängyissä tai yläkerrassa (Karkalin Kaiku). Muista poistaa lemmikin karvat mökistä/kalusteista ja jätökset pihapiiristä ennen lähtöänne. Istuintekstiilit kannattaa suojata, jotta tekstiilit eivät vahingoitu ja karvojen siivoaminen on helpompaa. Huolehdithan myös, että lemmikki ei aiheuta vahinkoa mökissä tai pihapiirissä. Asiakas vastaa kaikista lemmikin aiheuttamista vahingoista suoraan omistajalle. Lemmikkien tuomisesta pitää sopia mökkivarausta tehdessä.

Etäisyys Suurniemestä:
Lohja 19 km 26 min
Espoo 58 km 53 min
Helsinki-Vantaa 78 km 1 h 03 min
Helsinki 77 km 1 h 10 min
Turku 119 km 1 h 26 min
Tampere 207 km 2 h 28 min
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